Geo –  Rasvihar’s exciting, bold jewellery collection for the contemporary woman is deeply inspired by Indian ornaments of old ­– large sized, communal jewellery that stood out for its bold and earthy charm, in sharp contrast to ornate, classical jewellery. Traditionally worn by older women, these chunky styles are rarely seen in modern times. Take a look at how we’ve transformed these ancient motifs into jewellery that’s chic, wearable and travels everywhere!

To fashion this exclusive line – we chose gold and diamonds for bangles, earrings and a ring.


In keeping with their traditional roots, the earrings from the Geo collection are large and intended to draw the viewer’s eye. Every jewel is perfectly finished with a high polish, imbuing it with an aura of sophistication and glamour.

In step with the complex lifestyle and multiple identities that women have today, Geo has an international appeal, perfectly adaptable for Indian or Western power dressing. This is achieved through the use of simple, geometric motifs that contrast in shape and texture – the clean, sharp lines of golden cubes and smooth, gleaming spheres create an impression of cool, understated chic, while the brilliance of pave set diamonds ups the glamour quotient several notches.


This pair of plain gold bangles re-imagines ancient design elements into a simple, classic jewel that travels smartly from a busy day at the office to elegant party settings.

Geo redefines your image as a woman of substance – a unique collection that perfectly expresses your elegance, strength and femininity.


Shapes & Cuts-3

Behind the sparkle and lustre of gemstone jewellery lies a long history of handcrafting techniques. Shapes and cuts perfected by jewellery designers over centuries bring out the unique charm and beauty of every gemstone. At Rasvihar, we work with great love and dedication, to fashion contemporary gemstone jewellery, each one as special as the woman who buys them.

Getting the shape and cut of a gemstone just right is essential, for this influences the depth of colour and sparkle required for a particular jewel.

Shapes & Cuts-1

Cuts determine how the light disperses from a gemstone. To achieve a subdued sheen of a specific gemstone’s colour, we usually select a cabochon cut. Faceted cuts, on the other hand, capture and reflect light, dazzling the eye of the viewer. Rose cut is a technique that allows light to pass through the stone and is used when a soft gleam is required, rather than the hard glitter of facets.

The shape of a gemstone is determined by its size – the larger the stone, the more we can experiment with options. Popular gemstone shapes are Marquise, Baguette, Princess, Round, Cushion and Pear.

Shapes & Cuts-2

At Rasvihar, we love to use gemstones in a variety of ways, playing with different gems, exploring shapes, sizes and cuts to create jewellery that delights the discerning women.


Temple jewellery is indeed both of the above. For the connoisseur of classic jewels, it epitomizes our traditional jewellery. At the same time, temple jewellery has also proved to be a very valuable addition to the contemporary collection of every modern woman.

Traditionally made using rubies, emeralds and diamonds in close setting, temple jewels are at their core, very Indian in identity. Just as the Benarasi silk sari or the Kanjivaram have their eternal place and appeal in women’s fashion, temple jewellery is also timeless. Naturally, it is a genre of jewellery that every woman would like to own.

Particularly when shopping for the Indian bride, temple jewellery has a special pride of place. It is appropriate and breathtakingly beautiful to wear on the actual wedding day. Not surprisingly, the bridal ensemble in red or green, is a great showcase for the beauty of temple jewellery. Apart from its perfect fit for wedding wear; temple style jewellery can help one achieve a signature look when dressing up for any special occasion, making it an almost compulsory addition to your jewellery for life collection.

At Rasvihar, we cherish the temple jewellery tradition. We endeavor to interpret the temple style in ways that are relevant and interesting for the modern woman. Which is why we have created the same temple jewellery look with some careful thought to the setting. Our design and handcrafting of our temple style jewellery ensures that you can wear this style without looking too heavy.

You can choose from among navaratna gemstones, ruby gems, diamonds or emeralds while shopping for Rasvihar’s temple style jewellery. Whatever you may select, you can be assured that every jewel in our temple style repertoire is a testimony to the ever-lasting appeal of hand crafted precious jewellery.

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The Showcase at Kochi

by team on August 24, 2013

The Showcase-Cochin-FB Event-01

Rasvihar is coming to Kochi this September. Mark your calendar and do join us if you are in Kochi on 5th and 6th September at The Avenue Center, Panampally, Kochi. Visit us to explore the handcrafted fine jewels by Rasvihar.

Read on to know more about The Showcase.

Official Exhibition Partner for Rasvihar, Sarangi, Babyrasa, Paduka, Sarasas, Cleosara, Dhotis by Kanaka and Reach Jewellery.

The Showcase brings the much-loved brands it represents closer to you. They bring to you products that are unified by a singular purpose – of cherishing hand crafted beauty through handlooms, weaves and fine jewellery. A choice selection of the finest saris, jewels and handloom products will now travel and exhibit at various Indian cities through The Showcase. In doing so, they seek to create more conversations and engagement with you - the audience that these brands truly exist for.

Time: 5th September 10.00 am ( Thursday) – 6th September 8.00 pm (Friday)

Venue: Avenue Centre Hotel (The Centre Hotel), Panampilly Nagar, Kochi 682036, India.