Channel & Baguette Series

by Rasvihar on March 13, 2013

The joy of making jewellery that is functional and contemporary is that we get to take some of the most beautiful aspects of jewel-crafting and interpret it in interesting ways. Often, the inspiration creates the design that then, uses the craft to make a jewel. In this story, the inverse happened. The craft and art of jewellery making inspired us to create a set of jewels that we absolutely adore.

The two main elements in this jewel series come from the shape and setting aspects. The baguette cut – named so for its long, rectangular shape and popularised in fashion circles in the 1920s and 1930s. And channel setting – a useful setting when one uses a continuous set or array of stones.

In this particular series, we’ve used channel setting as a part of the design element – to achieve a smart and contemporary look that has a geometric pattern. We’ve combined this design element with baguette cut gems like blue sapphire, emeralds and diamonds to create a variety of jewellery that is striking. The baguette cut of the stone inherently helps reinforce the colour aspect of the gems used. So, the emerald cut this way has a sharp tone of green. This ability to throw up sharp colour tones combined with the geometric pattern of channel setting come together to create interesting jewellery that can be paired and worn to stunning effect.


An interesting design we developed when we worked with the channel-set jewels was to use gold – the metal and treat it the way we have the gems. Gold interpreted in the baguette style looks very trendy and different and it is a design that we love.
Keeping in mind the clean lines that this kind of cut and setting could achieve, we introduced hoop earrings that are very modern to match with the bangles in this series.


The straight lines, the geometric pattern and the sharp tone of colours are the highlights of this series. The bangles and hoop earrings can be appropriately paired with contemporary Indian clothes, traditional attire or even western formals, making it a very versatile set of jewels to own.

Presenting the Channel & Baguette Jewels from Rasvihar.

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Nitakadakia May 4, 2013 at 2:31 am

Nice designs!!!!!!


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