The Store

Inside the storeIndian jewellery is high art, and has to be presented in the right ambience to work its full range of enchantments.

The Rasvihar store, therefore, is a veritable feast for all the senses.

The building itself – a colonial-era mansion – is a particularly fine example of an architectural style that’s uniquely Chennai; and has been lovingly refurbished without disturbing the character of the original.

Priceless paintings and artefacts adorn the walls, exquisite art-deco furnishings and aged teak-wood almirahs evoke a hushed ’sattvik’ ambience, and the sunlight (no artificial lights here, please!) streams in like a gentle rain, mixing with sweet strains of music and myriad exotic fragrances wafting in the air.

Quite the perfect setting for guests to contemplate the jewellery at their leisure.

Once a guest has settled into the comfort of a divan, luxurious carpeting at her feet, pieces that’ve piqued her fancy are brought to her on a silken tray, along with a traditional hand-held mirror to help her make a selection.

At Rasvihar, jewellery-buying is a joyous experience, as luxurious and unhurried as a spa.

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