Golden Touch – Exploring types of Finishes in gold crafting

by Rasvihar on March 28, 2013

Every Rasvihar jewel is proudly handcrafted, upholding the rich tradition, fine art and craft of fine jewellery making in India. The nuances of the handcrafting process are an eternal source of inspiration to us and contribute immensely to the way we interpret
contemporary jewellery. A keen understanding of this craft is central to Rasvihar’s design ethos and in this section, we wish to share our perspective with you.
We are ever enamoured by the possibilities of design and look that the varying finishes of gold might have. In this 2-part blog, we present to you our interpretations and use of these finishes through examples of jewels by Rasvihar.
element, this finish is considered highly fashionable. We’ve used it very successfully in jewels for a bold and bright look.

Golden Touch – Exploring types of Finishes in gold crafting

Gold is an integral part of the many designs we create. It holds, highlights or accentuates the gems that we intersperse it with. By  itself too, gold has an eternal appeal. Crafted, cajoled, created into many shapes and forms, a gold jewel acquires it final character  when the appropriate finish is applied. Gold jewellery crafting has different elements to it – line, colour, shape, value and texture.

Brushed: Gold Jewellery is given a satiny finish when a stiff metal brush applied in linear or circular patterns. The brushed effect is achieved painstaking by hand, and it gives a softer shine that does not distract from the stone or design. We love the brushed gold finish and it is a great way to achieve a contemporary and also subtlety in the gold element used in a jewel. Even classic designs acquire a different appeal when the gold is given the brushed effect.

High Polish: Gold jewellery with high polish is bright, shiny and has a high reflective finish. We find this finish extremely effective when used over small surfaces of gold in a jewel design. Like everything else we make, this effect is also done by hand done. As a style

Thread Polish:  As the name indicates, cotton yarn is used to polish the jewel. The effect is achieved by dipping the thread in a special solution and then running it across the surface of gold briskly. This results in the gold acquiring a pinkish hue. This finish is mostly used in very traditional gold jewellery or gem-studded jewellery that is closed set.

Natural or Washed: Gold when left untreated has a natural or washed finish. The gold metal is cleaned and left as it is. Even though this sounds as simple as doing nothing, we have found it to be a look that is timeless and is very useful as a subtle design element in many of the designs we have created. This finish too is generally hand done.

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wud like to knw the rates pls…thnx.


brindha June 14, 2013 at 7:05 am

All your products are always unique that is your special.I like it.The only inconvenient thing is most of the products are stone based and moreover white stone is only diamond.please consider this point.Thank u .


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Why don’t you open a store in delhi…..?
Btw i’m a great fan of your entire collection


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