Peridot – Green Enchantment

by team on June 25, 2013

Born deep within Mother Earth’s womb, peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that surfaces due to volcanic activity. Peridot has been valued since antiquity. Cleopatra is thought to have worn peridot studded jewellery. The Greeks named it ‘chrysolite’ (golden stone) and the Romans loved its green lustre that remains unchanged in any light. In Hawaii, this gemstone symbolizes tears from the eyes of Pele, the deity who presides over volcanoes.

Today, most of the world’s supply of peridot comes from Arizona (USA), with Pakistan as a close contender for high quality stones, followed by Myanmar and China.

Peridot is the birthstone of August – aptly so, for its vibrant green beauty captures the light-hearted spirit of summer. It is believed to possess healing properties and bring good fortune to those born in this month.

Peridot derives from olivine, a mineral silicate rich in magnesium and iron. Uniquely, peridot comes in a single colour, a deep green with golden tints. The colour variations seen in colour depend on its iron content, so you have peridots ranging in tone from pale yellow-green and brown-green to vivid lemon and olive. While peridot rates only 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it’s reasonably durable and easy to care for.

As a gemstone peridot is versatile and wearable.

It pairs effectively with other green hued gemstones like tsavorite and emerald.


These charming ear studs are set with olive green peridots surrounded by dark green tsavorite and tiny diamond accents.


Here, cabochon cut, lime green peridots are contrasted with dark blue, square cut sapphires and smaller diamond accents.

Perfect for summer wear, the fresh green hues of peridot also go well with pink sapphires and citrine. As an accent, peridot can accompany rubies of a particular shade.

Different methods of cutting contribute their own beauty to this popular gemstone.


In this peridot and pearl ensemble, the cabochon cut gives the olive green peridot a smooth, rounded appearance that’s subtle and slightly mysterious.


A facet cut, on the other hand, accentuates the sparkling gold tints within the gemstone, as seen in these floral ear studs where the central peridot is surrounded by rose cut diamonds.


Thanks to its brilliance and transparency, this gemstone looks supremely attractive when used in large sizes with accompanying smaller stones.

In keeping with its sparkling, summery charm, peridot is ideally complemented with gold in light shades like white and yellow.


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