Temple Jewellery – timeless classic or contemporary smart

by team on September 25, 2013

Temple jewellery is indeed both of the above. For the connoisseur of classic jewels, it epitomizes our traditional jewellery. At the same time, temple jewellery has also proved to be a very valuable addition to the contemporary collection of every modern woman.

Traditionally made using rubies, emeralds and diamonds in close setting, temple jewels are at their core, very Indian in identity. Just as the Benarasi silk sari or the Kanjivaram have their eternal place and appeal in women’s fashion, temple jewellery is also timeless. Naturally, it is a genre of jewellery that every woman would like to own.

Particularly when shopping for the Indian bride, temple jewellery has a special pride of place. It is appropriate and breathtakingly beautiful to wear on the actual wedding day. Not surprisingly, the bridal ensemble in red or green, is a great showcase for the beauty of temple jewellery. Apart from its perfect fit for wedding wear; temple style jewellery can help one achieve a signature look when dressing up for any special occasion, making it an almost compulsory addition to your jewellery for life collection.

At Rasvihar, we cherish the temple jewellery tradition. We endeavor to interpret the temple style in ways that are relevant and interesting for the modern woman. Which is why we have created the same temple jewellery look with some careful thought to the setting. Our design and handcrafting of our temple style jewellery ensures that you can wear this style without looking too heavy.

You can choose from among navaratna gemstones, ruby gems, diamonds or emeralds while shopping for Rasvihar’s temple style jewellery. Whatever you may select, you can be assured that every jewel in our temple style repertoire is a testimony to the ever-lasting appeal of hand crafted precious jewellery.

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Jayashree Mani September 25, 2013 at 11:33 am

Hello Can you give the price of this piece? Thanks Jayashree


N.Varadarajan April 9, 2015 at 11:11 am

Need your address inchennai


Smitha Soumendra April 5, 2016 at 7:35 am

Can you please give me the prices of these pieces?Thank you.


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