Shapes and Cuts – Understanding the Art of Handcrafted Gemstones

by team on September 28, 2013

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Behind the sparkle and lustre of gemstone jewellery lies a long history of handcrafting techniques. Shapes and cuts perfected by jewellery designers over centuries bring out the unique charm and beauty of every gemstone. At Rasvihar, we work with great love and dedication, to fashion contemporary gemstone jewellery, each one as special as the woman who buys them.

Getting the shape and cut of a gemstone just right is essential, for this influences the depth of colour and sparkle required for a particular jewel.

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Cuts determine how the light disperses from a gemstone. To achieve a subdued sheen of a specific gemstone’s colour, we usually select a cabochon cut. Faceted cuts, on the other hand, capture and reflect light, dazzling the eye of the viewer. Rose cut is a technique that allows light to pass through the stone and is used when a soft gleam is required, rather than the hard glitter of facets.

The shape of a gemstone is determined by its size – the larger the stone, the more we can experiment with options. Popular gemstone shapes are Marquise, Baguette, Princess, Round, Cushion and Pear.

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At Rasvihar, we love to use gemstones in a variety of ways, playing with different gems, exploring shapes, sizes and cuts to create jewellery that delights the discerning women.

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