Welcome to Rasvihar. A place that’s dedicated to making jewellery with soul, in a land where jewellery is at the very heart of life.

Jewellery-making was always a high art in India. Only truly gifted artists were invited to work with the most precious of materials; and they created jewels of staggering beauty for the edification of gods and royalty.

Today, there’s one place that’s dedicated to keeping the great Indian jewellery traditions alive. A place called Rasvihar. Elegant, handcrafted jewellery with an Indian soul for women leading contemporary lifestyles.

Rasvihar strongly believes that jewellery should have style, substance and soul if it is to communicate and be relevant to the user’s life. This belief is translated into truly special and contemporary designs – resulting in jewellery that is simultaneously rooted in the Indian traditions of jewellery making without being bound or restricted by any rules. Every piece of Rasvihar jewellery is proudly handmade by master craftsmen; so every piece is authentic and precious, individual and unique.

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